Dreamlifeworks LLC mission is to enhance the positivity in the community by assisting in the creation of productive and enthusiastic events like Black Wall Street, Double Dutch Against Domestic Violence and Autism Awareness. We also volunteer our time by feeding the homeless, hosting Financial Empowerment Seminars, and the Bridgeport Day of Mentoring with the leadership of the Bridgeport Coalition for Urban Male Achievement (BCUMA), and many other community organizations. Please be on the lookout for "The Token", a fiction tale of a black male teenager's plight to save his race, especially the young men. This book is due out in February, 2016.


The Parent Company of Black Wall Street Bridgeport, Line-Dancing, and Double Dutch Against Domestic Violence as well as many other Community Events, we welcome you to the world of following dreams and pursuing them because that's the only way your dreams can come to life. Once that happens, everything else falls in place and you finally see what it means for your dreams to work. 



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